In between the blustery walk to the post office and putting the stew on, I need a break; a cup of tea and some bread & jam  would see me through  as supplied by the fantastic Peapod Grocers, Marsh Huddersfield

Peeped do

  • lovely fresh and mostly unwrapped fruit and veg (they supply paper bags),
  • Vegeboxes delivered to your door
  • artisan bread of all kinds. Very tasty!
  • home made jam
  • Fish(take your own biobag)


The jam is homemade and  comes in glass jars with metal, plastic-lined lids. So some plastic. But get this…. you can return the jars. They get reused! Plastic reused is not rubbish plastic.

Plastic Notes

After years of dealing with me they are quite used to plastic free requests!


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