Michelle Cassar has been refusing to abuse for a while now. Doggedly saying no to plastic has become a way of life but, as Pam can well testify, it can sometimes feel like a pointless exercise . But while I sit sulking in the wardrobe, Michelle is distinctly more plastivist. What is needed she figured, is a celebrity spokesman, one who talks the eco talk but is also a dood, a happening hipster.

So, she put together a plastic free gift pack, went to see Russell Brand and gave it to him…. personally.

I was so impressed when I heard this, I tracked Michelle down and pestered her into giving me the story.

In her own words

I recently heard Russell Brand talking about corporate greed & how we are destroying the planet, and wanting to live in harmony with the animals and other humans. I then went to see him live & noticed he -like everybody – was drinking out of single use plastic bottles.

As someone who´s been refusing plastics for over 5 years I know how they tie into everything he´s talking about . So I decided to give Russell Brand a solution to what´s he´s discussing. I personally gave him a plastic free hamper at his show in Newcastle upon Tyne. In the hope that he would look at the information and start to use it some of the products. Maybe even in public… Russell Brands simple actions of using a metal bottle rather than a single use plastic one would speak volumes. He wouldn´t even need to speak!

As yet I haven´t seen any pictures of him using it. I´m not sure if he would of read my letter. But I tried!! It can feel like a lonely endeavour refusing single use plastics, but there are people out there quietly doing it. Hopefully soon it will become trendy and what better person to lead that trend than Russell Brand!

With or without him though I´ll carry on refusing SUPs (single use plastics) and it´s great meeting other people online knowing there are others out there doing the same. Making a difference, one refusal at a time.”

Let’s hear it for the girl!

The gift pack contained all kinds of plastic free loveliness including deodorant, shampoo in tins, a massage bar wrapped in paper and a metal water bottle – but not just any old metal water bottle, a gorgeous Klean Kanteen.

klean kanteenA KLEAN KANTEEN water bottle.

I have been wanting one of these forever but simply cannot pay the asking price. I am not saying they are overcharging just that we don’t have much in the way of disposable income.

So far Michelle has had no feed back on her gift but I can hardly believe that Russell is drinking water from tacky plastic in preference to that uber stylish bottle? However, if he is keeping it in his trousers so to speak, perhaps he could pass it on… to me. I hate to snatch at a mans water bottle but this is a Klean Kanteen we are talking about.

So Russell – are you sipping pretty or still slurping dirty? Caring people want to know – and me, well I want your Klean Kanteen.

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