I read that Britains get through 15 million plastic bottles a day. How many? I find that utterly shocking. So I decided to stop buying hair products in plastic bottles. Which pretty much means I stopped buying hair products.

Finding a suitable conditioner was hard work

Solid Conditioners

I tried the Pure Lush solid conditioning bar.  It smells lovely and others rave about it (see for details). Sadly it didn’t work for me.

Olive Oil

The recipe for the olive oil and honey conditioner on sounded yummy so I tried it Putting olive oil on my naturally lustrous hair – ok greasy hair- was a big mistake. 3 days later and I was still washing it out.

Coconut Oil

Fantastic as a conditioner. I have oily hair so I rub it on my hair before showering, leave for 5 minutes then shampoo off. Afterwards my hair is lovely and silky. Village boy has very dry hair so he applies a little after showering. His hair is also nice and smooth. And you can use it for everything else as well. Read more here….

Vinegar Rinse

For me its the vinegar rinse. Its really easy to make, just dilute half a tablespoon of apple vinegar in a cup of water and use it to rinse your hair after washing. Don’t be put off by the strong smell – once the hair is dry there is no odour of vinegar – honest. It works and here’s why; acidifiers (such as vinegar) close the cuticle of the hair making it shiny and less prone to tangling – and I got that from a real hairdresser so it must be true.

Tescos do an apple vinegar in a glass bottle with a metal screwtop lid. Apart from the little plasticised disc in the lid they are as plastic free as you can get….unless you decide to make your own apple vinegar.


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4 thoughts on “Conditioners

  1. Hi Carrick of the gleaming locks –

    There are vinegar bottles with those metal type screw tops with paper inner – TESCOs own apple vinegar.

    I have read that you can mix vinegar half and half with water leave and you end up with two lots of vinegar – dont ask me how it works or for proof.

  2. I’ve been using apple cider vinegar as well, which I love–it really does work–but there aren’t even vinegar bottles without plastic tops, are there? I haven’t been able to find one… And, of course, you can’t exactly go to the store to refill your vinegar bottle….

  3. I love the concept of this blogsite! And it is great to find homemade alternatives to cut down on the expense and plastic packaging of haircare products.

    I have tried quite a few shampoo bars, but have not tried Lush’s conditioner bar. I have really dry/thick hair so it might work better for my hairtype. OACV is a wonderful product for so many things, and I sometimes use it to clarify my hair. Great post and best wishes!

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