Now of course I know that nearly all paper products used to package food that have a thin plastic liner.  Foil too is often reinforced this way. And Cardboard.

Why? The plastic strengthens the base material, makes it waterproof.

Plasticized paper products include almost all paper products used in food packaging for example wraps of sugar.

The same goes for most foil wrapped food products including butter. And the metal seals for wine. Damn!

Worse still it can be very hard to spot.

To find out if paper or foil is plastic coated you can try tearing it  which may cause the plastic and paper to part company. Often this won’t happen and the product will tear almost like paper but if you look carefully you will see a very fine frill of clear plastic.

If you are still not sure try soaking the wrapper in water – eventually the paper or foil will separate from the plastic film.


Other plastic lined products include cardboard, tins and cans.
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  1. Instead or tearing the paper by just ripping, try starting with a tiny slit, then pull it apart. This will make the thin plastic lining stretch and become more visable.

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