If you want to buy plastic free food you really need to supply your own packaging. This will open up a massive range of plastic free options. It will also help you avoid the hormone inhibitors and toxic chemicals that leach from plastic packaging into your food.

Sometimes you need a disposable bag, one that can be composted or burnt when done.

I use brown Kraft food grade bags.

They are great for
Cheese and stuff that sweats,
Mushrooms and vegetables (if you don’t have reusable produce bags)
Sandwiches, buns and biscuits,

They are an essential component in the  plastic free, take your own packaging,  shopping kit.

Sadly they are not so easy to get hold of. I bought my first load from Ebay which worked out expensive and they came, yes you’re way ahead of me, wrapped in plastic.

Finally I located a local paper bag seller who sold in bulk. They too came wrapped in plastic but it was polythene so easily recycled. It also represented a massive reduction in packaging.

The only downside now is that despite using them on a regular basis, there is still a huge pile of paper bags in the airing cupboard.

Paper bags  can be bought from hundreds of shops on the internet, including Amazon & Ebay.

Places to Use Your Bags

Find loose food outlets listed on the loose foods list

Please note  the scoop and save heading refers to a chain of shops so there will be more than one town listed in the one post.

More Information

Other kinds of useful, plastic free bags are listed  here.

Find out about composting here

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3 thoughts on “Paper Bags

  1. The paper bags are very useful. I am also using
    Paper bags for carrying food.
    I also suggested my friends for using paper bags. Thank you for giving this information.

  2. They wont do that round our way – not for meat either. Constantly quoting health and saftey at me. It can be quite hard getting them to use my own disposable bags at times. I have to show that they are new and clean and even then I have had refusals. Yes I know – right pain in the jacksy ….

  3. Why do you need paper bags? For cheese? Why not just use a reusable container with a sealing lid? I barely ever use paper bags, and when I do, I get them from the grocery store. I use them for trash and for recycling, and even then, I barely use any because I have cut down so much on both trash and what gets recycled.

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