Being plastic free in central Tallinn is hard work because unlike other European towns there are no small shops selling tasty food stuff. In amongst the endless amber emporiums, (big in the Baltic is amber), we found one very expensive deli and one bakery. Everything else comes from the supermarkets.

As we were self catering we spent some time in them and they can be categorized s follows:

A normal one called Rimi in the town center

The posh Viru Keokus Supermarket in the basement of this very plush shopping arcade built by the bus station

Eastern block throwback – a strange smelling, grubby place near the No 4 tram stop – I would not recommend it.

All of the supermarkets were far too fond of plastic but even so there were some good things to be found.

In Rimi in central Tallin Estonia you can buy biodegradable corn starch bags essentail for plastic free shopping. You can also buy quite a good range of loose fruit and veg but you need to use your own bags. They do have some loose meat and fish but you will find better unwrapped selection over at Viru Keokus Supermarket.

Viru Keokus Supermarket also did unwrapped smoked salmon, fish and meat, loose cakes and buns, nuts and dried fruit. The apricots were a rather raddled and chewy but they kept us going through the long bus journey to Moscow.

The best place to shop plastic free is the market opposite the Tallin school of services which doubles as a hostel in Summer. Catch the No. 4 tram to Tallinn School of Service Hostel Lastekodu Street 13, Tallinn, Estonia . It’s a short journey – a few stops -5 to 10 minutes max. Here you wil find a rather institutional hostel and the central market which sells everything your greedy little heart could desire, mostly unwrapped and much cheaper then the superstores.

For all the above you need to take your own bio bags which you will have bought in Rima.

You can find more foreign plastic free places here…..

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