A peroxide mouth wash can help whiten the teeth. But only do this occasionally as there are lots of conflicting reports on the healthiness of such activities. This is a useful read 

Mouthwash Mix: 1 part hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 part water. Rinse mouth, then spit out. Discard and left over solution or use it as extra solution.

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And don’t stop at the mouthwash, there are lots of wonderful sounding things in there.

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This is an interesting read. DIY tooth whitening from Colgate

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An introduction to some of the stuff you need to make the above

Be aware of the risks of listening to someone who
a) doesn’t have any training in this field,
b) most of what they know comes from Google,
That’s me I mean.

I am telling you of my own experiences for your information only. You should do a lot more research before proceeding.

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