Lidles biscuit cutter resized1 1While in Spain I visited Lidles and I came across a set of festive biscuit cutters in a cardboard box.  They might have them in the UK.

If not I have sourced some on Amazon for you but I can’t answer for the packaging!

Plastic-Free Biscuits

To see how to bake these biscuits go to the BBC Food website

And last time I looked you could still get icing sugar in a cardboard box. If not you can make it by grinding sugar in a spice grinder or food blender then adding cornflour. You can find full instructions here.

FOR INSPIRATION check out Pinterest where the  iced biscuits image was found.

Add a compostable tie and there you go – plastic free and edible christmas decorations. What’s not to love?

Find more lovely plastic-free Christmas ideas here….

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