Covered in plastic and  full of trashy sweets, they just add to the huge amounts of Christmas rubbish. So here are a few plastic free ideas.

The cheapest and easiest way is to make your own fabric calendar that can be rolled up and stored taking up minimum space.

fabric-advent-calendarThis has to be one of the simpler design on the internet but just in case you cant work out how it’s done, here are the instructions. 

home made advent calenderIf you don’t  have a sewing machine try a fray free fabric like felt, some big hand stitching and glue and make  one like this on

Kits & Ready Made

You can buy fabric kits that contain  with everything you need to sew your own, plus instructions. Cut out and assemble. Easy as.

You can also buy fabric calendars ready made.

These are available from Amazon. more details here


loo roll advent calenderIf you really don’t like sewing, try a toilet roll advent calendar. You can find out more from www.oh-write.blogspot.

advent calender

But this one has to be my absolute favourite. Little individual wrapped presents hung on a stick. So cute.

It is featured along with other wonderful if rather intimidating ideas here on Pinterest

wooden advent calender

If you don’t have the time or inclination,  you can get wooden calenders with little drawers that you can use year after year.

These too are available from Amazon. more details here


You will need to get some little plastic free treats – sweets are always good and easy to get hold of.

Or little gift vouchers for fun things to do…..

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