I have tried natural toothbrushes and I am not that keen. They quickly go kind of pulpy and I didn’t feel  they are up to the job. So have gone back to my electric toothbrush consoling myself with the thought that
a) the heads are half the size of a normal plastic toothbrush
b) I make my own toothpaste and
c) these are my TEETH.


After months of vigorous scrubbing my plastic tooth-brush  had come to the end of its working life. Greatly excited I got out my wooden and natural bristle, completely biodegradable toothbrush .

These brushes are made by Cebra and they say in the blurb…

  • wooden toothbrushes – made from sustainable wood (beech)
  • with natural (as opposed to acrylic) bristles
  • can be disposed off easily and in an eco friendly way
  • superb cleaning power and very gentle on teeth and gum
  • lasts as long if not longer than a plastic toothbrush

Sad to say it didn’t work for me. There was not enough in the way of friction. The bristles quickly got soft and pulpy then started to disintegrate.

But maybe they will be good for you.

If you fancy trying them you can get them here.

Other Bamboo Brush

James of Save Some Green Uk sent me some bamboo brushes to try I was hesitant. Eager to give the natural toothbrush another chance, worried in case I didn’t like them and so upset James. But James will be happy to hear the interim feed back on the all natural brush. This has a bamboo handle and natural fibre bristles described on the website as follows

“These toothbrushes are made from bamboo which will rot down to nothing, causing little impact to the environment plus they are BPA free.

These brushes are adult sized with medium soft bristles and with either bamboo fibre or nylon bristles.
Not only are they better environmentally but they feel different too, simply nicer to use and less painful on the gums.”

I have been using it in conjunction with my electric toothbrush for the above reasons. Now I tend to be an enthusiastic scrubber. I use the electric brush to scour my mouth so vigorously it hurts. So it is nice to have a softer option. This partial use also gives the bamboo brush time to dry out which I thinks helps keep it firm. It’s about a 50/50 split.

I have been following this regime for over 3 months now and the brush is holding up well.

I am assuming that packaging is all biodegradable but the white internal wrap has me baffled. I have asked James for some more info.

You can get them on-line from . This online shop is aware of problematic plastic misuse and have a great packaging policy. Tell them you want no plastic packaging and you will be heard.

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