Talking of Weigh and Save shops, I went up to Whitby for the weekend in November. Came across a whole load of goths and steam punks dressed up to the nines and more exciting still a weigh and save shop – a good one.

Amongst the usual things it sold
suet – hooray that means plastic free mince pies or rather plastic-free, homemade mince meat  
and cocoa which resulted in hyperventilating excitement. I have been trying to track down cocoa for some time now.

Now the basic premise of the weigh and save shop is that you serve yourself. You scoop as much as you want from the bin into bags yourself. The bags supplied are plastic but I of course take my own alternatives. I hurried over to the cocoa bin, compostable cornstarch bag in hand ready to serve myself. I was extremely disappointed to find on looking on the bin that the cocoa had been pre-packed in plastic bags.

The lovely lady in the shop explained to me that the cocoa powder was so fine it flew up everywhere if left loose so they pre-packed it. She kindly offered to specially pack some up for me when the next lot was delivered. I told her I would be back home by then and sadly left the shop!

Will I never find the cocoa of my dreams…. you can follow the problems of the cocoa quest here….

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