It’s July, the month when I cut my plastic consumption to the bone….

Keep calling back for updates…..

I am giving up

All disposable plastics from bags to cups to fast food containers. I already do this, everyday, but just to remind you.

Plastic-wrapped food and beverages, that includes

You can find my plastic-free food alternatives here.

Plastic packed personal care and hygiene products. I will as ever be making my own. Sadly the ingredients came plastic wrapped but it can’t be avoided. You can find my pretty plastic free resources here I will be posting more on this later.

Any other plastic goods that I can’t think of right now.

Plastic I might find myself using but I really hope not to

Booze. We will be visiting friends and I will be taking wine. Please help me

If the morning after visiting said friends painkillers are required then they will be administered. As of course will any other necessary medicines.

I will be continuing my mixed brush teeth cleaning regime because, well, these are my teeth. I will be posting on this later.

Any products needed to keep the van running.

Monitoring All plastic use will be recorded

Let the games begin….

BLOG STATS As of 01.29.2017 onward have been counting the number people who have read each post.

4 thoughts on “My plastic free July pledges…

  1. Hooray – welcome aboard. Whatever you do it’s all less plastic which is a huge achievement. We are tweeting about it join us at #pfjuk

  2. You’ve inspired me! Have just signed up to Plastic Free July to really try to curb my use of plastics. Not sure how well I’ll do but will definitely try my best…

  3. Not sure I am either! Lets see how it goes! I used to make freezer jam -needs less sugar. Needs a freezer obv.

  4. Good for you for giving up glass-jar food! Not sure if I’m that strong! I’ll have to find some organic strawberries at the farmers market to make my own jam 🙂

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