You go to the supermarket clutching your cotton reusable produce bag to buy some apples

Immediate eco dilemma. Can’t buy British because they are all bagged up in plastic bags. So I have to buy French apples.

Not happy – even less so when I realise that every single frickin apple has a plastic sticker on.

Apples with stickers …..why? Apparently they need to be tracked! Don’t they come packed in boxes? With labels on?

Well I might look back to these as the good old days.

The European Union approved new regulations that means  food products can now have labels lasered onto the skin using  iron oxides and hydroxides.  Previously, the chemicals were not allowed under European law.

laser food

According to the Grocer, supporters of the measure praise its efficiency. According to the Telegraph, consumers may not respond well.

You can read more here 

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3 thoughts on “Apples with stickers? Nope, thats a laser tattoo.

  1. Like the way you are thinking. I want one of those little trees. Re bought apples – Huddersfield market usually do sticker free fruit and it hasn’t been a problem until I have been away from my home stomping ground and forced to shop in places I don’t usually frequent. Which is good because it reminds me not to be complacent and that out there the world is still creating dumb and pointless rubbish.

  2. Do you have a Farmers’ Market you can get to? They could provide the answer to your problem, depending on the producers who are there. Alternatively, grow your own if you have room. We have an apple tree on dwarf stock, so it’s still quite small after 10 years or more. We’ve had a good year this year, but no apples at all last year.

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