I will of course continue to boycott plastic and help others do the same by sourcing loads of great and sustainable alternatives. Check out the new and updated lists of plastic free products here.

Save Our Bottles

In 2015 I started a petition asking Diary Crest to reconsider their decision to phase out refillable glass bottle for doorstep deliveries. In December I received this message from Milk & More (Diary Crest)

“glass milk bottles will continue to be delivered until at least April 2017. This date may be pushed back further. Many thanks.”

Good news for now but I will continue to promote the petition. If you haven’t signed yet please consider doing so.

Fair Share Fabrics Project

If we cannot produce more (and we are rapidly running out of resources), we have to consume less. And consume more fairly. This is how the equation works for me

  • We cannot exceed current levels of production
  • We cannot expect others to want less than we have.
  • Therefore we can only consume our global share

What’s a global share? 

If all the fabric created annually was shared out equelly amongst the global population

11.74 kg per person of which 3.8 kg is natural fibres. You can check my figures here.

Last year I used 3.5 kg of natural fibres and 3.2kg of synthetics. You can see what that looks like here.


This year I will be doing the same with hopefully a lot less synthetics.

Back Home

Been on the road for much of last year. I am looking forward to getting back home, ordering some fabric from Offset Warehouse and getting sewing….

Cutting The Crap

And finally as ever I hopefully suggest that this year everyone cuts one bit of unnecessary plastic, says no to straws perhaps, maybe use reusable produce bags or find a milkman with reusable bottles.

Looking forward to the new year buddies. See you there xxx

We can make a more meaningful world….

A take on modern life…  a tad gloomy but worth bearing in mind and beautifully expressed.


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