Pets are not really my area of expertise. I had a goldfish once but that’s it. So please if you can add anything useful to this post, dive in.

Homemade Dog & Cat
When we were pet sitting in Loas, we would buy meat from the market and boil it up with rice. That kept 2 dogs and 3 cats going.
1 kilo rice
1 kilo mainly liver and a bit of intestine
Boiled the meat – drained the water used that to boil the rice.
Mixed the two together.
Lasted for 9 feeds they were fed twice a day.

U.K. Wide General
Range home stores do loose dry pet food. For everything from dogs to hamsters.
Some Weigh & Save shops also do it.

Local (West Yorkshire) General
Huddersfield market has a pet food stall that does loose dog chews and birdseed.
Earnshaws timber merchants do loose WILD birdseed.

Remember to take your own bags..


While these shops provide bags and they are almost always plastic ones. You will need to take your own plastic-free /reusable bags, tubs and bottles.


The weight of the container may make a difference at checkout. Some shops  subtract the tare weight but other don’t. The tare weight is the weight of the empty container.


Useful post on pet poop composting at home, here.

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