Queensgate Market is a covered indoor market in the center of Huddersfield. It is home to over one hundred shops open six days a week.
Bus Stop • Town Centre
Address: Princess Street, Huddersfield HD1 2SU, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 1484 223361

It was Market Hall of the year in 2013 and like all markets is a great place to buy stuff loose and unpacked.
Meat & Fish
Huge knickers
Cotton hankerchiefs

However it is also an architectural landmark.

From Kirklees Council website

Opened on April 6th 1970 the Queensgate Market Hall was built with a bespoke roof system of 21 asymmetric curved shells. The design allows for maximum light into the market and is considered to be the best example still standing of a retail market from the 1960s and 1970s.

In 2005 Culture Minister David Lammy listed the building as Grade II, stating, “It is an imaginative structure that combines innovative technology of its time to produce a dramatic space full of natural light with the striking focal point of the roof.”
The exterior of the building incorporates natural stone with exposed concrete and several art relief panels all individually sculpted by the artist Fritz Steller.

The Hall has been haled by local architecture expert Adrian Evans as “A spectacular combination of architecture, engineering and art.”
For further information and images visit Huddersfield Gem

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