Long time ago when I was young we used to visit the Weigh & Save shop in the precinct down the road. In it were a number of  big bins containing everything from beans to corn flakes. You  scooped what you needed into the bags provided, in the quantities you wanted then weighed and paid at the till. I loved it. But  then I grew up and moved away and never thought of it until I tried to go plastic free. I realized that this  was  exactly the kind of shop I needed right now. Of course I would have to provide my own plastic free bags  but….enough said. I eagerly returned to the precinct of my youth, Stretford it was, only to find the shop had shut up and gone.

So began the research quest….  and in conclusion, yes such shops still exist but they are bloody hard to track down. They go under a variety of names including Weigh & Save Scoop & Save Weigh House Weigh Inn. The  company  that supplies the products does not have a list of outlets they deliver to (!) but can help you set up a shop if you are interested. As far as I can tell, these shops operate as individuals. They are extremely idiosyncratic and vary greatly in presentation and  range.  Some go the whole hog with corperate green and yellow displays and a whole lot of stuff to choose from, others a are little more than a few dusty bins at the back of the shop.

Just a passing thought; I feel that this for want of a better word franchise are marketing themselves all wrong. They are presenting themselves as a way to save money and the whole shop screams budget from the ugly cardboard bins to the scrappy signage.  I think they should look at attracting the eco customer by installing better dispensers, promoting waste free shopping and using funkier imagary (see Wholefoods Market for inspiration).

Shops Reviews

Barmouth Good

Bridlington – good.

Brixam (grim but does pet food)

Croydon – great write up by Kake who gives this shop a very good press

Exeter – Devon Weigh CLOSED

Horsham – great write up by Kake

Invernes CLOSED

Kingsmouth Devon Free local delivery – spend £7.50 and we will deliver free – within a 7-mile radius of Kingsbridge. Great for bulk buys. Nice!




Worthing – closed

Emsworth in Hampshire  – Pantry Weigh. Thanks to Emma for this info “There’s a small shop called Pantry Weigh in Emsworth in Hampshire


Loose Food Fill lists all the shops (not just the above) that sell  loose, food of the kind that normally comes plastic packaged ie rice, pasta and salt.


Take your own plastic free bags and refillable pots.

Find more plastic free stuff  with  the  A-Z plastic free index

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22 thoughts on “U.K. All over Weigh and Save Shops

  1. I’m looking for a place to go shopping free from packages in south wales, can anyone help ?

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  3. I have the same problem with my butcher so I use one use compostable cornstarch bags. They use them in Modbury plastic free town. They go under the name biobags in Europe.
    Obvioulsy there are issues with any kind of one use disposable bags but on the plus these are certified compostable i.e. you can grow plants in the mulch they rot down to, yet have the strength of plastic and are water proof – for a while then they start to seep.

  4. There is a chain called Bulk Barn in my city, but they don’t let you bring your own bags. It’s so frustrating since they have an amazing selection from candy, to baking needs, pet food, spices, etc. Apparently it’s against health code to put food in a reusable bag, but it’s fine to dump non-biodegradable plastic bags into landfills…

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