While a PET plastic bottle has a good recycle value, the bottle tops do not  and  so they often don’t get recycled. As any trash picker knows these colourful caps are a top plastic polluter. But now Shengpeng Zhao, Chen Xu and Chao Gao have got onto the problem.

These three designers from Lanzhou University of Technology in China have come up with bottle top lego

4From the website

The “Building Cap” is designed with poor children in rural areas and developing countries in mind—by collecting these creative bottle caps, they would have something to play with.

This simple redesign of the ubiquitous plastic bottle cap features dovetails around the edge, which allow them to be connected together side-by-side and stacked one on top of the other.

Well its better than throwing them away  though of course it might make the plastic bottles more attractive to children.

You can find  ways to transform and reuse  plastic trash right here

But better still don’t create any…..

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5 thoughts on “Bottle top lego – reusing plastic caps

  1. any thing that helps keeps plastic out of the waste stream works for me…though of course the best option would be to stop creating so much potential plastic trash in the first place! Thanks for dropping by x

  2. If only we could bring back refills! Glass bottles with stoppers that we could take to the store for refilling. We can do this with olive oil and some cleaning products here but that is about it. Also, in Perth glass for recycling is trucked to Adelaide (2700km away), sent to landfill if it’s too expensive to sort or made into road base. There’s no facility to recycle it, so it’s not made into shiny new glass bottles. So we have issues with the bottles as well as the lids : (

  3. yes they are tricky. It really bugs me that the bottles are easily recycled but not the lids – surely something could be done about this?

  4. I find it really hard with my plastic boycotting to avoid plastic lids, it’s one of the hardest things to avoid. It’s an interesting idea though and if it can prevent plastic going to landfill (at least temporarily) then that is a good thing. Thanks for sharing!

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