Fabrics that can be chemically recycled

The focus of this blog is the plastic rubbish created by our addiction to disposable products. As a result I sometimes sound dismissive of recycling. As a solution for overconsumption of  throw-away plastic products  it is pants-  boycott the ( plastic I mean not pants ). However as a solution to so many other plastic problems it is the bees knees.

Recycling is good and plastics are particularly suited to being recycled – and getting more so. It seems that as we built plastics,  so we can now  pull them apart and then rebuild them again… and again… and again …

And the science is getting better everyday.

Check out these ( copied from article sustainable textiles which I recommend you read in full)

Teijin for example developed a closed-loop, perpetual recycling system for polyester products whereby the products are broken down into polymers, and then processed into new fibre with characteristics equivalent to virgin fibres. The Tejin technology is featured in many of Patagonia’s outdoor garments.

Victor invented their own environmentally safe, closed-loop perpetual polyester recycling system powered by renewable hydroelectric energy. The fabrics made from this fibre are targeted at the interior design market.

Climatex‘s closed-loop system upholstery fabric is biodegradable. It is also good for human consumption and production waste is used as fertilizer by the farmers in the factory’s vicinity. The fabric is prominently flown around the world in the A380 Airbus.

There’s a lot to think about there

There are lots more ways to recycle, reuse and recraft waste plastic HERE


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