Whhhooo oooo

Yes its time for spooks, ghouls and zombies to take to the streets and beg sweets.  We have put together a few tips to cut the plastic horror that results. Included are…

  • Get,(or make), some fabric trick or treat bags to take out with you – not to my house obvs.
  • Buy plastic-free sweets for when the ghouls come calling.
  • Use compostable, disposable partyware
  • Make a reusable, burlap witches hat .
  • make your own costumes

Check out the How To Halloween Plastic Free page for details. And please do add your own grisly finds and ghastly zero waste ideas  ….. love Hollies mushed beetroot brains!

Butter Blow butter

Heard that Sainsbury and the Co-op have stopped wrapping their budget butter in paper. For sure that paper may not be quite as innocent as it looks, (it could be plastic lined or  chemically treated rather than natural greaseproof paper. You can read about the differences here),  but for those of us living plasticless, it was the best option.

So I have tweeted them.

I think Sainsburys and I are tweeting at cross purposes. I asked if they are discontinuing the budget range wrapped in paper, they tell me it can be bought on the cheese counter. But “paper” wrapped, unsalted butter could always be bought on the cheese counter. It’s not the budget range and I am not sure if it is available in all stores.  I am asking about the budget range that was to be found in the self service fridge. Will try again.

Still waiting for an e mail from the Co-op about their budget wrapped butter.

Other Butters

Have heard that M&S do paper wrapped butter

And there’s more paper wrapped butters here 

As ever all input grateful recieved – you can contact me here but @plasticSrubbish twitter or the Plastic Is Rubbish FB group will find me faster

Sign up….  cotton buds

You can still sign and promote this petition

Michelle and Natalie the best U.K. anti- plastic campaigners are  asking UK retailers to stop making plastic cotton buds by the end of 2017. These pesky sticks wash down the drains and up on the beaches. The  petition, and lots more information about the project, can be found here .

If you use cotton buds, you can buy plastic free ones here….


October is the time for apple harvesting. If you don’t have your own tree you could try a PYO farm. There are hundreds of orchards offering this in the southern counties, rather fewer up here in the north.Check out this great farm finder website

Urban Harvest

Otherwise you coud get involved in some of the urgan harvest programs. They pick and distibute unwanted fruit. Abundance in Manchester is one such. From the website…

“A mature garden fruit tree produces more than the average family can eat. And at the same time there are lots of people in our city not able to access fresh food.

Abundance Manchester is a voluntary project which picks surplus or unwanted fruit from gardens and public trees around South Manchester and distributes it to local groups and communities who can use it. We also collect and distribute surplus vegetables from allotments.”

I have listed a couple more here.


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