Here are some hashtags you might like to explore!

Twitter Tags

 – new tag on the blogs – for stupidly overpacked items

 i.e not disposables which we would like to

 … YES!!!!


#plasticshaming – for particularly gross plastic products

#PfreeUK – the tag for the directory of plasticless/free projects, businesesse & other aware bodies based in the UK.






#pfjuk – plastic free July U.K. related subjects.

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#Plasticfree – a proviso for the picky

I describe myself as a plastic- refusnik, a boycotter or plastic free. But I have never been happy with any of those labels. I am not plastic free. I live in a house with plastic cabling, I work on my plastic computer until I put on my plastic coat to go out in the rain. I have a relationship with my Dyson that is almost love.

Nor would I aspire to be plastic free. Plastic is a great product that has changed the world for the better.

It is the misuse of plastic that I am campaigning against not the product itself. So yes I refuse a lot of trashy plastic, I boycott abused plastic, but plastic- free? No certainly not. It was Michelles tag, being PALL ( plastic a lot less) that summed it up for me. That is exactly what we, the plastic avoiders are, plastic-less.

Michelle has been plasticless for a longtime now – and she can help you go plasticless too. Find out more about Michelle, and being PALL here.

But I still use the #plasticfree hashtag because I have used for so long.


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