So over the last two days I have done to radio interviews about plastic rubbish. Which is two more radio interviews and I have ever done in my life. BBC Leeds was first. When they contacted me, I didn’t quite understand that they wanted to interview me. I thought they were looking for background information. We arranged to chat as I thought. But when they called it was to record me. Cripes.

I had prepared all the usual information including data on sneaky plastics. That is plastics where you might not expect them…. such as tampons. And I failed to change the script. Indeed it hardly occurred to me that this might be a difficult subject. When you live in the #plasticfree the world you get used to discussing everything.
As plastic gets everywhere.
And this is one of the most unsettling aspect of plastic for me. That a product that we know leaches chemicals is being used in the most intimate places. Long story short I talked menstrual products.

Luckily this interview was pre-recorded and they cut out to my waffle about tampons. For which I am grateful. Yes it needs to be discussed but no, I am not sure that the good people of Leeds are ready for chatter about lady gardens over breakfast. Indeed, in my experience, chatter about lady gardens, (and the maintaining thereof), is often met with a cool reception!

The second interview was live with radio Humberside. By now I had realised my mistake and instead talked teabags. Yes they do contain plastic. Sigh!

Oh its so stressful being an activist. I do hope that they ban non-biodegradable, oil-derived plastics soon; I don’t think I can take much more.

You can hear my interviews here
BBC Leeds the Liz Green show 8.00 am. Link here. Right at the beginning.

And here
Radio Humberside 1:08 into the program.


Watch out for Sneaky Plastics –  in places you might not have known about.

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  1. Good for you for doing the radio interviews!! It’s not an easy thing to do, but now you’ve done two you’re practically a pro! I hadn’t realised about plastic in tampons but, having dug out a lot of compost recently at the bottom of the bin I was dismayed to find so many teabag remains 🙁

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