We love promoting plasticfree products and a great way to that is to give somethings away for free. Who doesn’t love a freebie?

So if you have a product you want to promote and Wish to work with us, this is how we organise a giveaway. However  we are always open to suggestions.

In the following, the organisation giving the gift is referred to as the donor .

Briefly the donor offers a product to give away, we organise a draw and promote it and the product on our blog. The donor should do the same. The winner is chosen at random. Their details are passed on the donor who send the prize on.

The Giveaway Draw

Is done via Rafflecoptor ( who organise on line draws).
Terms and conditions are agreed with the donor. i.e. Only residents of the U.K. can enter.
The link is designed.
The resulting code is then pasted into blog post and looks something like this.

Rafflecoptor giveaway portal as seen on the blog post. And tha bags are not green but white!

To enter, participants then click on the link and are directed to a range of options.
For our giveaways they have to
tweet a tweet containing your Twitter handle
visit your FB page
comment on the Give Away Page (more on give away pages below).

Each action counts as an entry to the draw.
Participants can do all three thereby increasing their chances of winning,

Entries  go into rafflecoptors virtual hat.The winner is chosen at random.
The prize is sent directly to them by the company doing the giving.

Advertising the Giveaway

Both parties should promote the giveaway as widely as they can.


I promote the giveaway  on my blog in a variety of ways

The What’s On Page
Every month I do a round up of latest news, plastic free finds and other topical stuff.

In The Previous Month
I advertise the giveaway the month before in the Whats On page. First in the news as a shoutout and then in more detail in later on.
You can see an example from the current giveaway here

In Giveaway Month
When the giveaway goes live, it is featured in the current months Whats On page but this time with the link to the Rafflecoptor giveaway like the one shown above.

See an example from the current giveaway here

The Giveaway Page

It is also promoted on the separate give away page. The giveaway page focuses on your product only, has more detail and again links to the  Rafflecoptor draw.  This is the page entrants will be directed via tweets and FB links.

See an example from the current giveaway here

Side Bar On All Posts

Give away is featured in the blog sidebar.

The giveaway page is also linked via a widget on the blog side bar which appears alongside of every post. The widget has a picture and brief description of your product and a countdown.

Social Media

Plastic Is Rubbish a rapidly growing group where folks can share, rant and post about living plastic free. Join us here.
Planet Trash A Facebook of plastic pollution.
Facebook page Plastic Free U.K. a visual library of U.K. plastic free finds we come across
PlasticSrubbish Twitter account
Plastic Is Rubbish Instagram
And have a Pinterest page

Want to do one? Contact us now.

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