Back home from the tropics I desperately needed some new clothes, so three weeks in Leeds saw me busy sewing. However the design brief is a little more complex this year. Not only do the clothes have to be sustainable & plastic free, they have to be rather more dressy than I am used to.

This Easter we will be in Seville for the Santa Semana and the Feria. The first is a week of processions elaborately decorated floats are hauled through the streets, by teams of ‘costaleros’ (bearers) followed by hundreds of ‘nazarenos’ (penitents), many in pointy hoods looking very sinister.

Some of the drama that is Seville….

This is followed a couple of weeks later with a big party The Real de la Feria where people drink, dance and dress up. The “women wear the traditional “traje de gitano”, literally “gypsy outfits” or flamenco dresses, often in bright colors, and accessorized with matching/coordinating flower in hair, comb, jewelry, tasseled scarf/shawl and fan. The dresses are pricey, but worth investing in if you’ll be coming back again – nothing makes you feel part of an event like being dressed appropriately”

Bugger! After nearly a year backpacking, preceded by a year living in a van I can truthfully claim that while all my scarf featuredoutfits may well be representative of the modern-day gypsy none of them are fit for a party. This nomad wears khaki shorts, sludgy colored T-shirts (murky from repeated mixed washes) and the emergency muumuu for visiting Iran. Absolutely no bright colors or fringed shawls and definitely no frills.

All I have in my hair is twigs and bits of straw. I haven’t accessorized since my Jackie reading days.

But I am not investing in a dress. I can’t afford it and I would feel ridiculous. More importantly I am living within my fair share of fabric allowance which works out at 3.8 kg of natural fibres. You can read more about it here.

Any clothes I get are going to have to last me the year. They have to theatrical enough for Seville yet practical enough for the U.K. Who knows where we will be and what we will be doing when we get back to the U.K. But I can’t imagine a flamenco dress is going to come in handy.

So I need something dressy, theatrical yet practical, sustainable yet frivolous

Seville Wardrobe

This is what I have so far…..

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Seville Loose Foods

We will of course be partying plastic free – here is our list of loose food products we can buy here. It includes crisps!!!!

5 thoughts on “April, Seville & nothing to wear!

  1. Love these! I had a much easier dilemma at Christmas when I had decided to acquire no new ( or just new to me) clothes and then had a posh work do to attend. Fortunately borrowing from friends and family combined with a second hand Coast skirt I already owned ( but had never worn as I didn’t have the right shoes – managed to borrow these too) came to the rescue and I had an outfit I really loved ( even if it didn’t all quite fit!) And didn’t have to find wardrobe space for either. Now have the shoes down as regular to borrow items :). Lucky as I’m totally rubbish at sewing.

  2. What a great challenge! I love the Bombazine skirt and the Ebay fabric jacket. I’m guessing you don’t want to be overheating either. Do you have anything like a sarong that you can fashion into a halterneck dress?

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