Quakers Oats and Scots Porridge come in cardboard boxes and are plastic free.

Some of the expensive organic oats come in cardboard boxes but I have never tried them.

You can get them in a paper bag from Lidles very cheaply indeed. They are a bit woody but edible.

You can buy them loose from Whole Foods Market and some weigh and save type shops


You can find other plastic free products here.


3 thoughts on “Porridge Oats

  1. Ah thats a shame – about the porridge I mean. But good news about the oat cakes. Not completely deprived of the tasty stuff then. I keep meaning to try to make oat cakes. I do love them. Will have to wait until I get an oven. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I know porridge is the ultimate healthy, nutritious and waste free breakfast. Only one problem… I can’t abide it! I do however use pinhead oatmeal to make my own waste-free oat cakes. Much like pasta, once you start to make your own it is hard to go back to the over-packaged bland cakes sold in most shops.

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