Last week our U.K. tour took us through Bury St Edmunds which pleased me more than I can say. Why the boundless enthusiasm? For sure its a nice enough town. And it has a Poundland, rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. But it was not this that excited me so.

No, I had been invited for tea and buns with the first lady of waste, the founder of the rubbish diet, her trashness herself Karen Cannard. A highly pleasant afternoon was spent discussing recycling rates, rubbish reduction, Portuguese tarts (the pastries!) and plans for the future.

Mine include;

  • being a Zero Waste Ambassador for Zero Waste Week, now in its seventh year and running from the 1st – 7th September 2014.
  • girding my loins for plastic free July.

Karen news is also very exciting but sadly not mine to tell. For now you will have to be satisfied with a photo of her in the back seat of our van – enough excitement for any one!

Thanks for a great afternoon.

4 thoughts on “In the back of the van…..Karen Cannard!

  1. Dont know yet we dont really do planning as such but drive where the fancy takes us! Need to see some hills after Norfol. Blimey but it’s flat down here!

  2. !! Sorry, just found this comment. Scotland is wonderful, you could investigate how to do a plastic-free deep fried Mars Bar 😉 Where are you visiting?

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