I love Iranian breakfasts – fresh bread, eggs, goats or sheep cheese, creamy butter, village jam and honey with black tea. Nice.

Sadly, in hotels at least, they have gone for per-packed portion controlled servings in plastic with a boiled egg. The whole lot is cling-filmed to the plate for the purposes of hygiene apparently. I know…I know…

For the purpose of consumer research I tried one. The butter was weird and slick, the cheese was like dairy lee, the honey was just syrup water and the jam a bright red blob of jelly that tasted of no fruit at all. Grim, worse than tasteless and resulting in a plateful of everlasting trash.

What to do for breakfast instead?

Ask to have the bread and egg separate and unattached to the plate.Explain that clingfilm and plastic are carcinogens. Ask for some cucumber or fruit instead of poison wrapped spreads. You are missing nothing by refusing this rubbish and helping to endorse the use of local products which are far superior

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