To do this you will need a square of cloth. You can buy one or make your own

Make your own

decided what size

50cm x 50cm furoshiki.  This size is perfect for wrapping around your bento / lunch or other smallish things.  If you’re looking to wrap a wine bottle (or 2), or to make a furoshiki that can double as a bag, you’ll want to make something closer to a 100cm x 100cm version.

To make your furoshiki

1. Cut a square of your desired fabric. (Or just use a fat quarter, should you have some of those lying around looking forlorn!).  You’ll want to choose a fabric which is thin (easy to tie) yet strong.

2. Finish the edges.  You can serge, go with a rolled hem (depending on your fabric, I s’pose) or do as we did and do a simple hem with beveled corners.  Check out this tutorial for more specific instructions on those corners.

3. Give it a good press and you’re good to go!  (I said it was easy!)

Taken from the lovely Omiyage Blog

Ready Made

Or go to the charity shop and buy an old headscarfe that comes ready hemmed! Or a bandana.

If you really cannot get any of the above locally I have listed some here!


Then use it to wrap your presents using this ancient Japanese technique of furoshiki. The following image is from the Evermine Blog which is full of lots more great ideas.


If you do go down the paper route, be sure to use this plastic free sticking tape

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