I have one near me so I tend to visit more often then I think is ideal. here are some of the products they do;

PLA compostable plastic bags

Paper bin liners

Apple vinegar

Coconut oil

All kinds of oil in glass bottles

Big tins of vegetable oil

Tescos  sell bulk pasta in polythene bags – not plastic free I know but better than film!


I have not seen these myself but know a woman who has.

Here are some packaging less products from Louises Bayfield and her  “POSTIVE PRODUCTS LIST (UK) a list of High Street and Supermar-ket products that have no packaging or in some way help reduce packaging.

Bath Salts, Radox – Cardboard

Double Edge Razor Blades 10’s– Cardboard and small plastic cover

Ecover Washing Powder – Cardboard, no scoop

Fish Fingers, Birds Eye 30 MSC – Big pack to save on packaging – Cardboard

Cat litter, Sanicat Eco – I believe this is in a paper bag

Tea Bags Miles West Country Tea – Paper bag, can anyone confirm that this is not laminated?

Shopping Tips

If you want to buy loose you will need to take your own reusable packaging – produce bags, tupperware even compostable disposables. You can find them here.

For the plastic free freak metal lids to glass jars are of course plastic lined .

Tin and cans including those for cosmetics are also plastic lined

For products that are packaged in plastic choose to buy simple plastics that can easily be recycled

Links are to my posts on the subject.

Do remember not all stores stock all products. It might be wise to check ahead if you are making a special visit.

Don’t Like Supermarkets?

Other places to buy unpackaged food are listed here


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