Please note that none of these suggestions replace medical advice and if you need to take medicine’s do so. Living plastic free is great but being healthy is better. That said….

For those of you into self medicating, the BBC are showing you how to grow, harvest and prepare your own herbal remedies.

The show is called Grow Your Own Drugs  ( saucy) and features James Wong. He  is an  ethnobotanist and not, and he was very clear about this,  a hippy – despite the bare feet and the beads. Hey far be it from me to stereo type.

Any way the boy mixed up some remedies from flowers and weeds and seemed to know what he was talking about. Moreover he  is an all time sweetie  even though he is a SCIENTIST and not a hippy. Got a very nice kitchen too. There is book full of recipes to accompany the show.. Cover of "Grow Your Own Drugs: Easy Recip...

As you know from my own creamy exploits, making your own cosmetics is a great way to cut down dramatically on your plastic – making your own remedies will obviously do the same. You can find my favourite recipes right here.

Inhalers Homemade

Seems you can buy refillable inhalers. You soak the cotton wick in essential oils of your choice, put in the ...
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Eucaplyptus Oil

Replace plastic inhalers with a bottle of eucalyptus oil - but be careful, very careful how you sniff! BE CAREFUL ...
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Condoms & Lubricants

If all goes well on Valentines day you may well be planning some intimate moments. Time to check out condoms ...
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Far be it from me to promote smoking but the purpose of this blog is to find plastic free alternatives ...
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Vinegar is great. You can use it for all kinds of things and is almost plastic free to buy. Vinegar is ...
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Antiseptics & Disinfectants

This post talks about Microbes Antiseptics Disinfectants Alcohol Bicarbonate Of Soda Vinegar Hydrogen  peroxide Soap Essential oils This is an area ...
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Bicarbonate Of Soda

This one product can replace hundreds of plastic bottles on your shelves. It does biodegrade. However there are issues about ...
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Antisceptic, tooth whitener and mouthwash …

Bought a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from Big C Supermarket in Thailand. The bottle is glass the cap is metal. Plastic ...
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How to clean your teeth plastic free

Cleaning your teeth involves so much plastic what with the tooth brushes and tubes of toothpaste. Lucky for you I ...
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How to…menstruate plastic free

Why? Along with cotton buds, tampons, applicators and panty liners make up 7.3 % of items flushed down the toilet ...
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  1. I treid marigolds in the polytunnel – they did seem to keep the bad flies away and they looked great

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