Upcycling floppy discs

floppy disc planters

Is this a bit bonkers? Or incredibly sweet? Floppy discs (who still has those?) into planters. From recycle Uk Facebook page – recommended!

Want more crafty projects?

Have a look at what these talented folk have done over in the arty crafty part of this blog and visit my PINTEREST board for funky ideas. The people over there are so clever aren’t they?

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There are many other ways to recycle and reuse waste plastic, from arty (make your own lampshade) to the very strange.
but our favourite solution is to REFUSE plastics.

make bakeplastic freeHow To Boycott Plastic

Find plastic-free products with the

Plastic-free Resource Index

Read up about plastic & the boycott here


Music & C.Ds

I have just finished down loading all my CDs on to an external hard drive. From now on I will only download music. Or listen to the radio.

I gave all my old C.D.s away. But if I could crochet I could have made mandalas. You can find a whole range of C.D. related crafts up on my Pinterest page.

If I was an artist I could have done this.

French artist Elise Morin and architect Clémence Eliard just unveiled a shimmering art installation made from 65,000 discarded CDs at the Halle d’Aubervilliers of Paris’s Centquatre.

Read more: WasteLandscape: 65,000 Discarded CDs Form a Sea Of Metallic Dunes in Paris | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World




But what to do with all those plastic milk bottles


Joey made the lampshade from  20 plastic 2 litre milk bottles following instructions from indestructables. Extremely clever reuse.

You can a whole load of way to reuse, recraft and recycle plastic  plastic trash here. And you can look at my Pinterest board for more funky ideas. The people over there are so clever aren’t they?

Though of course its best to REFUSE plastic first place.


Knitting with plastic bags

Dont get me wrong – plastic recycling is good, but these guys are my kind of peopl; they dont throw plastic rubbish away as the bad people do – but they dont recycle it either. Instead they out out the middle man and  reuse plastic rubbish  to make other wonderful and useful things

The Fusers – they fuse together sevral flimsy plastic bags together to create one strong sheet that can then be sewn into all manner of things

The knitters knit their old plastic bags up into all sorts of fantastic things


Basically you cut your old plastic carrier bags into  bags into strips. There are two methods – one includes knotting and results in a double thread the other does not and results in a single yarn. I don’t  know which is best but the second one looks much easier.

The plarn can now be knitted or crocheted into  bags following this  pattern

0r sandals

Or a  50s style outfit “The plastic grocery bag came about in the 1950’s along with futuristic optimisim about America, so I made a “typical” 1950’s ensemble Says maker Cathy Kasdan of Cleveland, Ohio”

or lots of other  things. Check out this Pinterest site for inspiration.



See other plastic crafts here




fused plastic shopping tote

Originally uploaded by eclipse_etc


plastic bags fused together using the heat of your iron can be used to make all kinds of new and exciting things.

For a great wriiten tutorial go here

To see how to fuse and then make up a messanger bag, on you tube, go here