Well Summer has turned and Autumn approaches. It’s time to begin harvesting and gathering in the frumity. No idea what frumity is but  I guess it is akin to a hey nonny nonny and fertility symbols. So pencil in the weaving your wicker man, plan future blackberrying and and get yourself down the PYO farms where the strawberries and raspberries will be ripe. The joy of #plasticfree soft fruit is beyond words.

There are some useful links here …. and I plan to make this raspberry extract next.


Yes, I accidentally got into extracts and flavoured spirits just last week. I am very pleashed with the reshults, occifer….

If you want to give them a go,  lavender is now flowering and can be used to make  floral vodka (think Vladimir Putin in a dress) or flavoured extracts which can be used to…. cant think how else to put this….. but flavour stuff.

But you can use other stuff too. Check here for inspiration on the exciting homemade extracts!

Sun? What Sun!

Don’t forget if you are going out berry picking to slap on your homemade sunblock lotion. If you are lucky enough to see the sun this year that is. Here in Huddersfield it is, and has been, grey and dreary.

Good job I know how to make #plasticless  self tan.


Stayvaction? In the U.K.? Check out these windbreaks

Backpacking? You might want to look at the plastic free travel guide.

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