You can put ALL your food waste into your Green Cone including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables and fruit. There are so many good reasons to compost not least because you can dispense with bin liners.

“The waste is digested rather than composted and is primarily reduced to water. This nutrient rich water enters the soil under the base of the digestion unit. There is no need to turn waste over like in a traditional composter.

For anyone who does not have the time to compost, the Green Cone is the ultimate waste food disposal solution. Most Green Cones produce so little residue that they will need cleaning only once every few years.

Composts ALL food waste
Completely natural process
No need to turn waste over”

Composting at it’s easiest, though perhaps not it’s most attractive!

You can buy them from Even Greener who claim that

  • 4. CREDENTIALS Most of our products are made in the UK in our own factory.
  • 5. GREEN MANUFACTURE Most of our compost bins and water butts are made from recycled plastic using renewable energy.
  • 6. PRICE GUARANTEE Find it cheaper elsewhere and we will refund the difference.*
  • 7. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Not 100% delighted? Return your goods within 30 days for a full refund.**


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  1. Do you mean made of plastic? I’m guessing you do. I don’t live without plastic because I live in a house, use electricity and dive. I have put forward a number of reasons why plastic is a fantastic product being badly abused. I am arguing for plastic to be used properly and that people cut the bad plastic, the rubbish plastic. If you want to know more, try looking at the links in the side bar.

  2. I dont understand…those products are in plastic…I taught this list was to live without plastic

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