When it comes to sweeping you cant beat a nice wooden brush with natural plant fibres.


  • Natural fibres have less flick than synthetic fibres which means less muck spattering.
  • They collect dirt more efficiently
  • They are heard wearing – we use them in our building work and they last forever.
  • You can replace the heads or handles as needed.
  • You can smarten or personalise them
  • Once done they can be burnt or composted

What Fibre?

But first lets talk fibre

Coco bristles are softer and ideal for collection of small dust and dirt particles. Good for indoors.

Bassine – a stiff fibre ideal for outdoor use.

Bassine and cane – super tough for mud covered pavements and small rubble

What Sweeping Brush

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can buy sweeping brushes separately as head and handle or ready fixed I.e head and handle already joined. You can see some options here

NB check the heads carefully as they sometimes mix natural and plastic fibres.

Ready Made Sweeping Brush

Such as the  Charles Bentley & Son 10″ coco broom & handle for indoor sweeping, the  bassine broom & handle for out doors or bassine deck scrub. Like a scrubbing brush on a stick. Can be used to sweep up heavier particles like gravel but is also very useful for deep cleaning dirty floors inside the house. Like scrubbing but you dont have to go down on your knees.


You can also get seperate heads that you screw or nail onto a wooden handle.

Screw Top Range

These brush heads come with a screw fitting. Easy peasy off with the old and on with the new. I say that but I have never yet had to change a brush head or handle. These brushes

The screw top heads are great if you have limited space or really dont use a deck brush that often. You can have different heads and only one handle.

Town and Country do a range of screw on brush heads. NB the handle has a plastic cap on the end so it can be hung up. See some options here.

Nailed Heads

The other option is a plain head and handle and you nail the head into place. See options here.

Buy from

You can buy complete brushes from Queensgate Market. Otherwise try your local market or a DIY shop.

Plastic Alert…. check the heads carefully as they sometimes mix natural and plastic fibres.

They can also be bought on line. Check out this selection.

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