8 thoughts on “Flowers home made

  1. I dont think she did appreciate my eco ethics – think she thought I was bonkers. Note it was me buying the flower – just to prove you could have a plastic free valentines day flower. My husband went plastic free by bringing me tea and toast – said it was a post consumer sign of love. Since he has realised that being green can save you lots of money he has embraced it with a passion.

  2. I expect the florist was trying to go with your eco-ethos by not using newly made paper. If I was your DH I’d have just trashed the paper before giving you the flower.
    Good work on the Amaryllis – roses show no imagination, I think!
    Personally I vehemently ignore Valentine’s. We celebrate on at least 2 other evenings of the year instead of being told when to by Hallmark ;o)

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