More Milk

Buying milk straight from the farm is one way to make sure crisis-hit dairy producers get a fair deal.
Farmers Weekly has created a map of British farmers selling direct to the public – cutting out the supermarket or middleman.
Some produce pasteurised milk, others sell raw or unpasteurised and a few have a wider dairy range to try.

See the map here

We are always happy to work with others promoting plasticfree products. Every so often we run a give away for fabulous #plasticfree prizes.
This month you are super lucky. WE have two!
Snact Fruit Jerky in compostable packaging.We have 3 sets of 3 packs of Snact to giveaway. Yup thats 3 packets of fruity goodness in sustainable packaging coming through your letter box for 3 lucky winners.
The onward packaging will also be compostable except maybe for some tape. And no Sellotape is not compostable.

WUKA period underwear cutting the need for disposables. Just for the Plastic Is Rubbish members, two prototype WUKA period underwear this month, which mean you will be the first one to try it.

You can enter here…

Zerowaste Week

Zerowaste week starts on the 4th of this month.
For a number of years now I have been a zero waste ambassador. Here are some quick zero waste week facts!
Zero waste week is organized by Rae Strauss:
It has been going since 2008:
The aim is to cut the trash going to landfill.

This year each day will focus on a different topic.
They are:
#MakeItMendItMonday – Make Do and Mend – get fixing. See how to make stuff plastic free HERE

#TrashlessTuesday – try and have a complete ZERO WASTE day with bonus points for carrying their waste around in a clear plastic bag all day!
#WasteLessWednesday – Upcycling don’t bin it transform it into something extremely lovely.
#TopTipsThursday – Time saving and Top Tips. What’s your favourite.
#FoodWasteFriday – Food waste and how to minimise it.

Visit the website here.
Click here for Zero Waste week

Of course its not just me  doing it- there are loads of bloggers doing all kinds of stuff. You can find them herded together in one easy to access place on the Zero Waste website and listen to them wittering – sorry twittering – on on the twitter hashtag #zerowasteweek

If you want to join in you can make a pledge here on the zero waste website. If you decide to blog about it you can decorate your blog or  post with various buttons, if you don’t you can print off posters for your living walls (easy tiger!) with these links posters and pdfs

Read more about My zero waste weeks here

Summer Holidays

Do you need DEET check out these Malarial regions here
Read about DEET and the plasticfree alternatives here

Which times of the day are worst for The UV index here.

UV-Control Merino (Knitwear)

A UV absorbing finish is applied to the Merino wool product during dyeing or bleaching at either yarn stage, fabric stage or during knitted garment finishing. The finish can also be applied after dyeing either by exhaustion or by padding. Read more

More about merino

Read more about Plastic free fun in the sun here.

Baking Aids

Baking paper – also known as greaseproof bakery paper or parchment paper, is grease proof paper that is used in baking and cooking. It provides a heat-resistant, non-stick surface to bake on. It used to be made by beating the paper fibres. Now it may have a plastic or chemical coating.

Not to be confused with waxed paper. They may look the same but are different products.

Waxed paper (or wax paper as it is also called) actually has wax on it. This too creates a non stick surface but it cannot be used at high temperatures so cannot be used for baking.

Lakeland says this about their Food-Saver Waxed Paper Roll 30cm x 25m
This extra strong, double sided waxed paper roll is designed to prevent food from drying out, sweating and losing texture. Great for maintaining the freshness of cheese, bacon, and for wrapping greasier items like chicken legs and pastries, it helps to keep food fresh without sweating and forms a natural barrier against moisture and bacteria.

But they are phasing  it out.

Lush making an Exhibition

lush are one of the more forward thinking British companies. They are ethical in all kinds of ways and  sell a lot of their beauty products unwrapped. Good if you are trying to live plastic free and not hurt the bunnies. Read more About ethical Lush here

They do

unwrapped soap
solid shampoo  read my review here
solid conditioner read my review here
unpacked henna

I don’t use them much as the shops smell way to strong. I can’t go in without sneezing. But there are plenty who do who. Here is a great series of reviews by Minimalist Exposure

And they do stuff like this:

One of four Pop Ups being staged to support the Lush 2017 Creative Showcase event in London next month, Naked House is part gallery exhibition and part immersive experience curated by the brand team at Lush to show just how easy it is to make the switch to Naked (as in living with less packaging).
Read more here.