This month of course is Plastic-free July.

What is Plastic Free July 

The aim is to cut your consumption of one use plastic, for one month – July. It is a great way to challenge you relationship with plastic. We have done it for a few years now.

Plastic Is Rubbish Support Group

This year I set up a Plastic Is Rubbish Facebook group where people share plastic free tips. It’s a great resource.

Ecosewing? Saturday 16th July

The first ecosewing and pampering experience ever probably – sounds like fun!

Fun In The Sun

Going on holiday? Read our plastic-free travel guide, get a SteriPEN and make your own sun block!

Other Projects

Check out our other ongoing projects and see what our plastic free buddies are up to here….

The MSCUK plastic challenge is over for this year. Well done to everyone who did the full month. It has been great to see this project get bigger every time. Hope everyone managed to raise lots of money.

Sad to have missed it? Dont worry there is always next year.  Read more about it here.

Plastic Free July is an international event promoting a plastic-less lifestyle. Of course every month  is plastic free for me, but this month I get online more. I try to post a plastic-free tip a day. Find me on Twitter (#pfjuk), Facebook and recently, Instagram.

And to mark the occasion I have learnt how to Youtube…. These are my first ever Youtube videos….. I hope!?!

What is Plastic Free July

See more about Plastic Free July here

See It In Pictures




I tried to make some yoghurt – it didn’t work. All I got was a teaspoon of yoghurt and whole load of runny juice. So I tried making pancake batter with flour eggs and yoghurt juice. That didn’t work either. Several flabby pancakes later I gave it up.

In the past I have tried eggs, flour and milk to wash my hair. What is pancake batter if not all three? Today I washed my hair with failed-yoghurt,failed- pancake batter. Because I’m worth it!

Day 1

Preparing for #PlasticFreeJuly UK #PfreeUK by getting  loose fruit & veg at the Peapod Grocery, Marsh. Also does unwrapped bread and fish and jam in returnable jars. Yay!  Read more here….

2016 U.K. Participants pfjuk featured

It’s really important to link up with U.K. based plastivists who will be sharing throughout the month. While some solutions like solid shampoo from Lush can be accessed UK wide,  many are local. If you are tweeting or writing this month get on the list….

Contact me if you want to be included. Tweet me @plasticSrubbish  e- mail or leave a comment.

So far we have have

the lovely Pip- squeaking @Pip_Squeaking of in her second year now. 

Vicky@busygreenmum I blog about homegrown and foraged food and drink, reducing waste and buying less to reduce our carbon footprint and maybe save a little money on the way.

Helen McGonigal@SpotofEarth Blogger & freelance writer, literacy workshop consultant, author of Mummy Makes Milk, mum of three, wife.

New Plastic-free U.K. Directory member Jerry Bottles. Read about them here. Tweet them @jerrybottles

Libby Darling – “I run a beaching cleaning group and local eco/education Charity here in Rottingdean, just outside of Brighton, I have recently led a plastic free challenge in May & June to my local schools etc and it’s on going!
It’s not easy but it’s worth every moment!”

Fiona Hancox – no details as yet but on board!


2014 see here

Plasticfree U.K. Directory

bin to beach featured

I am putting together a directory of plastic less resources. The aim is to share resources. If you are a UK based plasticless  business, organisation or blogger and you want to be in the P-f U.K. directory please send a brief write up. Guidelines here.

Plastic Is Rubbish Support Group

This year I set up a Plastic Is Rubbish facebook group where people share plastic free tips. It’s a great resource.

More Resources & Info

Loads of plastic free products here… A to Z of plastic free products

And see all our past posts here

Anyplace, Anywhere

I am proof that you can do this anywhere no matter the constraints

2014 I did it while travelling  in a van. Here is how I did.

2015 I did it with a backpack  check out Plastic free Mongolia




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