Plastic Free July is an international event promoting a plastic-less lifestyle. Of course every month  is plastic free for me, but this month I get online more. I try to post a plastic-free tip a day. Find me on Twitter (#pfjuk), Facebook and recently, Instagram.

And to mark the occasion I have learnt how to Youtube…. These are my first ever Youtube videos….. I hope!?!

What is Plastic Free July

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I tried to make some yoghurt – it didn’t work. All I got was a teaspoon of yoghurt and whole load of runny juice. So I tried making pancake batter with flour eggs and yoghurt juice. That didn’t work either. Several flabby pancakes later I gave it up.

In the past I have tried eggs, flour and milk to wash my hair. What is pancake batter if not all three? Today I washed my hair with failed-yoghurt,failed- pancake batter. Because I’m worth it!

Day 1

Preparing for #PlasticFreeJuly UK #PfreeUK by getting  loose fruit & veg at the Peapod Grocery, Marsh. Also does unwrapped bread and fish and jam in returnable jars. Yay!  Read more here….

BLOG STATS As of 01.29.2017 onward have been counting the number people who have read each post.

2 thoughts on “2016 Plastic Free July Huddersfield as it happens…

  1. it is so pervasive you forget it’s there…even when you have been doing this for years!

  2. oh no! so recognizable! it’s sure good for the reflexes, plastic-free shopping! 🙂

    Still.. good job for going for it!

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