ffbb5a956a143c87b32d93c5e9ea24c8For the Feria the week-long party in Seville, I made a chiffon top. I know – get me…. in chiffon. I wanted something see through to wear over my vest and bombazine skirt that would look sort of dressy. I wanted something like this.

I had a practise run with white lawn which was partly successful. Now I was ready for the real thing. I bought some silk chiffon from Ebay. Other than it is natural fibres, there is nothing particularly sustainable about this but it was cheap, it was seen through and if it all went wrong I would not have spent too much.

Below is the top I made. It was fine for the Semana. Easter week is marked with big parades, penitents in gloomy Klan outfits incense and weeping virgins. Gloomy black was just right.


featured bobazine skirt 2

It is not going to work for the Feria. In the last week everyone has started on their outfits. The shops are full of fantastic frocks, people are staggering through the streets laden down with lace, flowers and shiny jewels. There are tasselled shawls fans and fedoras every where you look. They don’t do minimalism


This is what people are planning to wear and that is the plainest dress I could find.

I can get away with black, I cannot do without trimmings

So the last few days has seen me desperately titivating my outfit.

They sell cotton crochet yarn very cheaply here so I have knitted a frilly collar through which I have threaded some lace and ribbon. I have attached this to the chiffon top.

I prefer to use natural fibres because on consideration they are the greenest, biodegradable option they don’t shed plastic microfibres when washed and, even better, at the end of a long and useful life, I can compost them.

I have also bought some fancy tights.

Hope this will see me right!

Sustainable Rating



I bought this fabric on Ebay. It came packaged in a plastic bag.

It cost £15.00 and I have some left over.

The cotton cooler was made from cotton bought from the Chinese Grocery in Macarena, Seville and knitted using metal needles bought in plastic packaging.

The ribbons and lace are all synthetic fibres.


This counts as part of my fair share of global fabrics – a self imposed rationing system. You can read about it here #

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