There is a lot of loose food available in Spain. Search out small and independent shops and use the fantastic markets.

They sell frozen food including fish fingers. Most town will have a store that does this. Some supermarkets also do it.

There are wine bottle refill shops where you can use your own bottle.

Cheese is sold in rounds, is tasty and suprisingly cheap.

You will have to take your own plastic free packaging.


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There are several loose tea and coffee shops in Seville so keep your eyes open.
Just near the Parasol is Asuka. They  sell loose herb tea and coffee beans, reusable one cup filters and loose chocolates. Has paper bags and cool staff. Best take your own bags to be on the safe side. Here’s the website.

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Do you know how long it is since I had crisps – gorging out on them here because they sell them loose in paper cones. OMG!!!!!


There is a great company based in Barcelona making  stylish cloth produce bags for your loose food. Otherwise you will have to import your own.

Crisps sold loose served in a paper cone.

Crisps sold loose served in a paper cone.


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