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Talking of mail, while in the process of setting up a postal vote and I came across this government organised website called Vote England. It is a secure online voting platform where registered voters can make their opinions known.

They also have Vote…erm  other places in the U.K. like, you know, the small place full of sheep…. or those with the sporrans….

You register to vote with them, (you need to be on the electoral roll), and then you get busy telling the government what you think.

Obviously, unlike a vote in a ballot box, these are not private votes. You could see this as a problem. You are telling the man every thing about yourself and leaving a data trail of your political opinions. Or you could look at it as your chance to be an online politician standing by your beliefs.

In your role as baby politico you can also propose an issue to be voted on.

If that seems too far too fast how about signing a petition?

There’s this asking Dairycrest to keep delivering milk in glass bottles


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