You might think it’s a bit early to be mentioning the C word but you need to plan ahead in the plastic free world

Advent Calendar

For example you should, (unless you have grave bathroom related problems), have started collecting loo rolls for your advent calender. If not, dont worry there are plenty of other options here.

Stocking Up

You will also need to order your biodegradable sticky tape and think about making a christmas cake with this fantastic home made candied peel. Check out everything you might need for  a plastic free christmas here

The Party

Christmas is the time for parties which is great unless you are organising them. Given the choice between washing up in the office sink, and disposable cups, the answer may seem obvious. However at the end of the night when the black bin bags come out that decision may seem a little bit, well, environmentally unfriendly.  Check out the plastic free party tips here.


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