A sea bird full of Bics…

Our plastic trash is often eaten by animals by mistake. This can lead to distressing injuries and in the saddest instances  a long, drawn out and painful death. Natalie Fee ( also featured in the Plastic Free U.K. Directory)  is working hard to raise awareness of this issue. Here is here her moving song and thoughtful video.

Official video for BURDEN, the new UK single, out now.

You can watch the music video for Burden here: www.tinyurl.com/BurdenVideo

And you can download Natalie’s song, Burden, from iTunes here www.tinyurl.com/songfortheocean (15% to Surfers Against Sewage Marine Litter Team) or pay what you want from www.nataliefee.bandcamp.com (100% to Surfers Against Sewage Marine Litter Team)

Download on iTunes http://apple.co/1dgAcuf 15% of downloads go to Surfers Against Sewage (Marine Litter Team). More info + links below.

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