This big and rather tent like top is extremely easy to wear. Long trousers, short trousers, no trousers even! With no zips or fastenings it is easy on, easy off making it ideal even for the beach.

Can I hear cries of “Are you mad” and “A beach dress should be summery? Colorful Pretty! What you have there looks serious, formal even! With 3/4 length sleeves….”

Well observed fashionistas but we may go home via Iran. Iran as you know has a dress code for women. The Mu Mu of modesty when worn with trousers and a headscarf will pass muster.

From beach to theocracy – I don’t think you can get much more multitasking than that! But obviously there are going to have to be compromises.


The fabric is grey cotton with a raised stripe of contrasting colour and texture. Stiff rather than floaty this fabric conceals rather than drapes. It is densly woven so there is no peek aboo element (thanks be) making it modest and concealing. Although the tighter weave means it is warmer than a fine cotton say, it is still cool enough and its tent like qualities means it doesnt cling. The air can waft. In short good for both Iranian law and sunny weather.


I bought the organic and fair-trade fabric on line from the Organic Textile Company. It cost around 27.00 including delivery. They have a good range of materials and designs. In their own words “All our fabrics are good quality inexpensive organic, cotton fairly traded.” Though they don’t actually have a fair-trade certificate you can see that they are committed to the cause. There are some nice personal details about the people they work with. I actually know who made my fabric.

NB the packaging was NOT PLASTIC FREE

Sadly the packaging was plastic. The fabric was sent in a plastic bag. I did ask about that and I was told “Due to the nature of what we send through the post it is not suitable for us to use paper packaging. We do reuse packaging that is from parcels that have been sent to us and we would be able to send out fabric using recycled packaging if it was requested by a customer.”

Read my full review of this company here


Apart from the packaging this top contains no plastic

 Plastic Free Fabric – You can buy completely plastic free fabric from Offset Warehouse

Other Fabric – You can find a range of fair trade organic fabrics here

More info

While being of plastic free interest, this is also part of my fair share fabric project.  You can read all bout it and see my other clothes – home made and otherwise, here. 

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