Proud to be partnering this years  Waste less, Live more week organised by Keep Britain Tidy.

In their words: waste less featured

“We are currently living in a world that is stretched beyond environmental limits and failing to support the health and wellbeing of many. We know that change is necessary, but understand that it can only happen when we work together.

Waste less, Live more is an approach. It’s about rethinking how we live our lives in ways that reduce our environmental impact, whilst improving the health and happiness of ourselves and each other.”

This year its about getting together with chums and cutting the crap. They have a check list of suggestions (see above) and useful info and how to achieve them. Sign up here for an information pack and to and join in a waste free week of fun.

The Plastic Is Rubbish On Line Pick Up

Well I don’t have any friends. Not while I am on the road I mean, (backpacking in Malaysia) So I thought I would ask if anyone wants to join, in an on line litter pick. This is the plan;

One day, any day in Waste Less Live More week (21st to 27th Sept) spend 5 minutes picking plastic trash

post photos in the On Line Litter Pick  FB group page.

Or Twitter #onlinelitterpick #wllm2015

Other stuff

How we did in other years



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