All the hotels we stayed in in China line the bins with plastic bags. When they clean the rooms I assume they grab the bag out of the bin and throw it away along with the rubbish. Gasp! Think how many bags that amounts to!

As we don’t use plastic (or toilet roll) we don’t actually make much rubbish. Our bin isn’t even full.

Certainly not full enough to justify a whole plastic bag going to landfill. Which of course we don’t think is ever justifiable.

So we take our rubbish out with us and dispose of it in a communal bin.


Sometimes we reuse we a bag to save a bag. That is we harvest a bag that has been used for something else, (by someone else, we don’t use plastic disposables), that is littering the streets and use that for our rubbish.

And while we are talking about stupid hotel plastic WTF is this all about. Glasses in plastic bags!

See how we live without bin liners at home when at home, here.

This post is my contribution to Zero Waste Week (‪#ZerowasteWeek) the brainchild of Rae Straus (also featured in our P-f U.K. directory). Each day, for 7 days, we will feature a tip to help you eat, drink and – ermmm – excrete in the most sustainable and rubbish free- way, backpacking kind of way. Each post will appear up on our advent calendar of trash free tips. See them there.

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4 thoughts on “How Backpackers Live Without Bin Liners

  1. Those little bags over the glasses are one of the most crazy things I’ve ever come across. Sigh.

    But love that you prevented the plastic bin liner waste with a little foresight – woohoo!

  2. I stopped using plastic bags as bin liners 10 years ago and travelled back in time – I wrap my non-compostable, non-chook-eatable icky waste in newspaper.

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