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Buying plastic free cotton is hard. In my experience a lot of the cheaper cottons come plastic wrapped. If you buy unwrapped, cotton cotton (if you know what I mean), the reel is plastic! Buy  cheaper “cotton” often on a cardboard reel and the thread is not cotton but synthetic! Polyester or some such which is of course non biodegradable and plastic!  But then I found this….on a wooden reel – from Intermarche. Yes I know that’s in France. I bought loads to sew with at home.

Turns out I needn’t have bothered.

Offset Warehouse supply organic cotton cotton on a wooden reel completely plastic free

Their products are posted out in cardboard boxes with plastic tape and the invoice in a plastic bag on the outside. You can read a review here 

Organic Biz do what look to be the same and say this about them …. the cotton is “made from organically grown long staple cotton which gives a silky strong thread. Cost is £2.99 natural or coloured  and are 300yds (275m) which compared to Gutterman 100 metre spools of thread (around £1.50).
They come on heavy wooden spools, really nice to handle”

Their products are posted in a plastic bag… you can read a review here


I have used both and they work fine… and yes the reel really are lovely. Off to Pinterest to see what I can do with them.




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