BoHo Tunic

For summer I want something light, cool and colourful  so I made this tunic  using fabric scraps left over from other projects and a silk skirt I was unsure of. This is the result. Three different fabrics used on the bodice with the silk skirt attached.

Thank heavens BoHo is still in. Hey! I said BoHo not hobo!

Can be worn on its own or with teeshirts (both long sleeved and short).

Cost nothing! Yay!


As part of my Fair Share Fabric  Project I am monitoring how many fabrics I use in a year. Even though the skirt was recycled from a dress I have had for ages I am putting in a total weight.

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  1. Thanks – but I know you are totally crafty yourself and would be shocked at the state of my seams. Not properly finished!

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