Going on a beach holiday in England? You are going to need a windbreak! You can get cotton windbreaks from this company in traditional stripes which look very retro and jolly. Great for day trips to the beach.

Cotton Windbreaks  
Our lovely striped windbreaks in a multi stripe of greens, lime, tangerine and burgundy, with thinner black and white stripes, have four wooden poles and give excellent shelter in exposed areas on the beach or in the garden. Made from 100% cotton with a handy pocket for your bits and pieces. Rolled up with two velcro straps to secure. From The Stripes Company

Price £75.00

Recycled Plastic Windbreaks

But I have to admit there is one, hard to refute, argument for buying a synthetic fibre windbreak for long term use in the U.K.  Yup, you got it. Rain. Lots of it. Damp cotton gets mouldy while synthetic fibres don’t.

If you want to use your windbreak over an extended period of time, round your caravan say you might want to look at this. Windbreaks made from recycled sails. Still made from man made fibres (plastic) but let’s face it – no matter how big this blog gets, how popular or influential , I can’t ever see sails being banned. That being the case let’s reuse them as windbreaks.

From the website

Not only have we made many windbreaks to be used on the beach, we have made windbreaks for people to use around their caravans, to use next to their tents and recently to place around their decking. We have also made bespoke windbreaks personal to the customer so please get in touch with any query you may have, we can probably make it.

  • Hand stitched on the Isle of Wight
  • 4 panels, 5 poles
  • Super quick dry
  • Very light yet very strong (that’s what sails are made for)
  • Easy to clean
  • Free carry bag (made from old sail bags)
  • A totally recycled/upcycled product (other than the cotton)

The 4 panel windbreak comes with five poles and four panels, each measuring approximately 1.2 metres high and 1 metre wide. All poles measure 1.5 metres high with a 2cm diameter.

Price: £135.00.There’s the sting!


Maybe you could make one? Let me know how you get on!

Why choose natural fibres – there are a few, powerful reasons why we prefer natural to synthetic fabrics, you can read them here.

Lots more British Holiday related #plasticfree tips here.

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