I love my wicker laundry basket. I have had it so long now I cant even remember where I got it from. It has a cotton liner which is usually in place but I took it out so you could see the quality of the weave.

Why? Well not all wicker is created equel. Some is cheap and flimsy and will fall apart. As with anything you pay more for quality but a good basket will last you for ever it seems. Mine has.

I would source some thing local so you can see how sturdy it is. You need to check the quality. If you can’t find a local weaver here’s a company that sell on line. I haven’t used them but  they look good. And they have been around for a long time. And they are U.K. based.

“Coates English Willow

: Based in the Somerset Levels, the heart of the willow industry, PH Coate and Son has been growing ‘Withies’ and producing wicker baskets and willow products since 1819.

The Somerset Levels is the most important wetland area in the UK. This unique landscape provides the perfect conditions for willow growing. Basket making willow has been grown here for two centuries, and it is now the only area left where it is still cultivated for the production of baskets, furniture, garden items and high quality artists’ charcoal.”

Here is one of their baskets

Washing Basket with Fingerholes
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2 thoughts on “Laundry – baskets

  1. As I say in the post, in my experience cheap wicker baskets do not last. So I cannot recommend them. There are other, basket-free, ways to shift your laundry but because these posts link to the A to Z index I like to keep on topic. If I am talking about wicker baskets then I stick with baskets and wicker is the costly end of the laundry basket market.

    However while they are a lot more expensive than plastic baskets, they do last much longer. I appreciate that some people cannot afford to invest in a long-term laundry basket. This may one of those instances, where being poorer actually costs more in the long run. And yes that is unfair.

    But while some aspects of plastic-free living will be too expensive for some people, I don’t see that that is a reason not to promote them. I would hope that those who can afford to do more will do so. And that everyone else will do what they can.

    If you know of a sturdy, cheap, wicker laundry basket then please do post a link.

  2. Not everyone can afford to spend £35 on a laundry basket – the people I work with often need food vouchers and are subject to the bedroom tax & having their benefits reassessed. Some more affordable ideas would be welcome – this should not be something only more middle class people can aspire to

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